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So I like how everyone comes together on issues of misogyny and violence against women while conveniently ignoring the ways they dehumanize and sexualize Native American women. Native women are one of the groups most targeted by violence but as always feminism likes to overlook the hundreds of (murdered and missing indigenous women) #mmiw

Jezebel, one of the websites who has posted several articles about the harm of cultural appropriation and dehumanization of native women is promoting one of the people who does just that. 


In Bangladesh, prostitution is legal, and poor families sometimes sell their girls to the brothels for as little as $200, from as young as nine years of age. In order to mask how young some of the prostitutes are, brothel owners use Oradexon on them, a steroid intended for cattle. Oradexon is highly addictive and deleterious to the girls’ health, but it fattens them up, giving them a more mature, older appearance, which then makes the girls more appealing to the brothels’ customers.

“It is a basic violation of human’s rights to force malnourished, poor underage girls into consuming Oradexon on a daily basis to enhance unnatural physical growth and energy,” Bangladeshi advocate Naila Hussain Chowdhury, founder of Women4Empowerment, says. “The sex trade is using steroids to make young girls physically develop faster and unnaturally. This is a frightening development.”

Learn more via The Daily Beast.

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